Dry Ice Blasting Applications: Automotive Industry

Mold Maintenance

CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES dry ice blasting has helped the automotive industry conquer a variety of cleaning tasks, including the typical downtime associated with cleaning molds. Dry ice blasting allows operators to clean mold while they are still hot and in the press. CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES dry ice blasting has reduced downtime by up to 80% when cleaning permanent aluminum molds, blow molds, compression molds, injection and tire molds.

Weld Lines

While welding is the most cost effective and efficient way to join metals permanently, the downtime associated with cleaning can overshadow the benefits of the process. General practices like scraping and wire brushing are tedious and can lead to a need for the replacement of parts and machinery. Both methods can cause damage to delicate components. Wire brushing often leaves brush particles behind, which has a negative effect on product quality.

Removing weld slag is a key component in cleaning robotic weld cells. This application requires heavy dry ice blasting, which is best executed with an CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES round nozzle. When removing weld slag from delicate components it is important to utilize the right equipment to avoid damaging sensors and other sensitive parts. By pairing the CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES IceSplitter with a flat nozzle damage due to cleaning is eliminated.