Dry Ice Blasters

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When using Dry Ice as a cleaning medium it has many special advantages over High Pressure Cleaning or Sandblasting.

Dry Ice is solid at -79°C. You can blast clean without leaving residue or liquid behind. Dry Ice simply ‘sublimes‘ directly back into CO2 gas leaving no polluted water, sand, grit or other blasting media to dispose of – the only disposable item is the cleaned off dirt from your cleaned subject.

A combination of cold and expanding gas effects, serve to flush contaminants off the substrate without being abrasive or using solvents or toxic chemicals.

Complex protection, disassembly and re-assembly can often be avoided which results in huge job time reductions and improved quality.

Applications range from gentle mild cleaning of extremely delicate and difficult to clean subjects such as the cleaning of fire-damaged articles, electrical installations and biological mold removal, to heavy industrial cleaning projects such as cast mold cleaning in tyre production, cleaning the printing rolls in a printing works and many more.

ATX25-E Single Hose Blaster

The ATX25-E is ideally suited for cleaning Rubber Tyre Moulds, Sand , Resin, Grease, Core Boxes, Heat Exchangers, Electric Motors ,Sensors, Paint, Vehicular skid marks, Wood, Cable trays, Heavy machinery etc

The ATX25-E is a single hose pellet blaster. It is one of the most powerful dry ice blaster available in the market today. It is suitable for light, medium and heavy cleaning applications.


  • Clean Moulds & Tools in place
  • Increased Productivity
  • 100% Non Abrasive
  • Dry Process hence rust free


  • Easy to Handle and user Friendly
  • Safe to Use
  • On Wheels- Easy to move around
  • Plug & Play Operation
  • Adjustable Ice Rate
  • Adjustable Air Pressure
Technical data 
Dimension(LxWxH mm):530 x 480 x 1000
Hopper capacity:16kg
Dry-ice consumption:30-70kg/h
Air hose connection:1’BSP
Air pressure:3-14 bar
Air Volume:2-10m3/minute
power supply:220V-50Hz
Power consumption:600W

ATXnano Single Hose Blaster

The ATXnano is ideally suited for cleaning  Sand , Resin, Grease, Core Boxes, Heat Exchangers, Electric Motors ,Sensors, Paint, Vehicular skid marks, Wood, Cable trays, etc that have fine patterns that are difficult to clean manually.

The ATXnano prevents mould damage caused when using sharp metal cleaning tools, sand paper, solvents, and sand/glass bead blasting for cleaning moulds.

The ATXnano can be used for cleaning metal to rubber engine gaskets, O rings, and other similar mould designs.

The ATXnano  is the ideal choice for those companies, who would like to have the opportunity to clean small moulds and surfaces with very low air consumption.

The ATXnano  can clean moulds hot in-situ, increase productivity and reduces mould inventory.

Technical data 
Dimension(LxWxH mm):460 x 460 x 980
Hopper capacity:7kg
Dry-ice consumption:8-22kg/h
Air pressure:2-12 bar
Air Volume:700lpm1700lpm
power supply:220V-50Hz
Power consumption:150W

Mach2 Universal Blaster

Works with all Dry Ice Forms

The Mach2 is CMW’s top line 2-Hose (venturi) Dry Ice Blasting System. With its unique Dry Ice Management System, the Mach2 works with Blocks, Nuggets & Slabs. Fine or rough blast cleaning action. Your choice! Sensitive surfaces are safe (fine crystal). Full power available when needed (rough crystal).

System Includes :Mach2 Universal Blaster

  • 5m/16.5ft Air hose package
  • Stainless steel gun assembly
  • 4 Jet venture inserts
  • 4 Aluminum barrels
  • 3 Flat Nozzle Tips+ 45 degree Bent + Short         Barrel
  • Detachable side grip
  • Tool kit