About Us

Founded in 2004 CMW CO2 TECHNOLOGIES is a pioneer in the field of dry ice blasting, a revolution in cleaning technology. Being the first to develop dry ice blasting in India CMW prides itself by providing end to end cleaning solutions to industries across the nation and is India’s only manufacturer & exporter of dry ice blasting equipment. Here at CMW innovation is everything and behind it all is our CEO and Founder Wilfred Pinto along with his experienced team.

CMW is a fully integrated manufacturing company, we specialize in making environmentally responsible and innovative dry ice blasting cleaning solutions using dry ice particles as the cleaning medium. Innovation drives everything here at CMW. We try to help manufacturing companies do things faster, more efficiently with better utilization of their production assets. To do this, we make sure that our equipment is the best in the industry.


“Inspiring Solutions through Innovation”

We at CMW have developed this technology and perfected it to suit Indian conditions. Our equipment is manufactured to meet and compete with all leading international brands and we are constantly upgrading for better performance. Our machines use a single-hosed system which makes it both easy to use and more powerful at the same time. Its compact and lightweight which makes it effortless to move and maneuver around a job. Cleaning tools in place helps save a lot of time and effort ensuring less rejects and higher quality products.


“To Ensure Customer Satisfaction & Exceed their Expectations”


To CMW it is the customer that matters. We have a wide customer base and cater to industries such as foundries, tyres, rubber, automotive, plastic, food and beverage, power generation, petro-chemical, fertilizer & many more. We can clean a number of different applications from powerful cleaning of aluminum molds to gentle cleaning of electric panels & circuits. 

We provide three verticals to our customers, sale of dry ice blasting equipment, dry ice blasting services, sale of dry ice & allied products. Add to that a fantastic after sales service & support system make CMW a complete one stop solution for your cleaning requirements. In addition, we even go the extra mile & offer customized solutions to cater to very specific cleaning needs.

All this makes CMW an industry force to reckon with!